AV Systems

To truly design a Hospital or Medical Facility to serve you 20 and 30 years from now, as well as it does on day one, requires forward thinking. While change is inevitable, a long-term AV infrastructure planning and design strategy helps you plan, design, and build features into infrastructure now, to facilitate changes later.

Over the past 20 years, we have been providing independent analysis and design solutions to the medical industry. From designing AV solutions for an Intensive Care Unit in a hospital to medical simulation observation systems for training, healthcare conference rooms, medical lecture halls, classrooms, training rooms, medical learning labs and other meeting spaces in critical health care environments, we provide optimum audio and visual clarity.

Our healthcare AV designs offer scalable, flexible, cost-effective audio visual systems with intuitive, easy to use controls and operation. We are big on long-term AV Technology Master Planning. So, as your organization grows and technology evolves, you can quickly and efficiently adapt, reinvent, and upgrade technology, applications, systems, and processes.

Our solutions included:

  • Simulation facilities              
  • Observation equipment     
  • Room booking systems        
  • Meeting room technology    
  • Boardroom solutions
  • LED Displays and video walls       

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