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Digital signage can be used to effectively communicate messages to staff, students and visiting guests in reception areas, staff rooms, common rooms

Digital Signage Solutions

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At AV Media Systems, we bring you the best in digital signage display and are well-equipped to cater to the needs of various sectors. Easy to use and impactful, our electronic signage screens can be of immense benefit. We are committed to delivering reliable and functional digital signage solutions to enable you to communicate messages effectively. With our bespoke customisation, we can ensure you that we are able to make your messages unmissable. From digital signage for schools to Outdoor Signage, we have innovative options for our clients. Use AV Media Systems digital signage solutions to take your brand to the next level.

How does digital signage work?

Digital signage (also called dynamic signage) is a form of electronic display that shows video, image, text, RSS, animations and HTML information in public and private places for informational or advertising purposes. A digital sign usually consists of a computer or playback device connected to a large, bright digital screen such as an LCD or LED display.

There are several advantages of using digital signs instead of paper signs. Digital signs can be updated at will remotely while paper signs require individual replacement and physical travel to sign sites by personnel. Because digital signs require no paper or paint, they are more environmentally friendly than traditional signs. Digital signs can be animated and can deliver sound as well as visual content.

Corporate communications

Create an environment where information is free flowing and anyone in your team can just look up at the wall to see how the business is doing. Control your content easily from anywhere and update in seconds.


We have proven experience designing digital signage solutions for education sectors throughout Australia. Use digital signage to welcome guests, showcase school news/rules or promote crucial event dates, we have a solution for you. Our digital signage is easily visible and attractive enough to create a great impression and a recall value in the customer’s mind.


In hotels, restaurants and shopping centres, digital signage is an invaluable tool for communicating to visitors and customers. Use digital signage to promote daily specials in restaurants & bars, welcome messages, info guides integrated into tv systems, live broadcasting of news, events and activities, and more. You can also use digital signage to broadcast emergency or critical event information.


There are numerous applications for digital signage in health services including doctors waiting rooms, dentist etc to display useful health information, promote services, display live TV or waiting times. Hospitals may use digital signage at reception areas for touch screen direction assistance, staff rooms, common rooms, etc allowing only relevant audience content on the required screens.


Grab the attention of passing traffic with visually engaging, up to date retail displays. Digital screens are much easier to change than a window display. Simply upload send it live. Use digital signage to grab attention, stream fresh personalised content, create better brand awareness through hi impact visuals. Benefit from highly customised digital signage solutions that effectively communicate the message you want to get across. 


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