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Education Engagement is transforming the way students learn

AV Media Systems is proud to partner with Vivi. Vivi’s Classroom Engagement Solution combines classroom management tools with real-time student feedback to create student-centered learning environments that drive productivity. From screen mirroring and video streaming to classroom communications and emergency broadcast, Vivi delivers all from an easy-to-use app, managed via a web-based administration platform. After doing extensive research and testing, Vivi was selected for:
Wireless Screen Mirroring  Whether your teachers and students are using phones, computers or tablets, Vivi offers full screen mirroring with auto-detected resolution. 
Play Video Direct  Because media plays straight from the Vivi receiver, high-quality video streams directly from your hard-wired internet and doesn’t slow down your Wi-Fi network. 
Student Feedback Tool Vivi’s Student Feedback tool provides schools with an intuitive way to extract real-time feedback, to help drive formative assessment and monitor the health and wellbeing of students. Teachers can quickly and easily conduct an Academic Poll (such as True/False or alphabetical multiple choice) or a Wellbeing Poll (such as, “How do you feel about the lesson?”).
Digital Signage  Your school’s network of Vivi-enabled screens can function as a digital signage system. You can upload media, create playlists and signage groups, and schedule broadcasts for specific times. 
Vivi Central  Administrators can manage, monitor and maintain your school’s entire Vivi network from our easy-to-use cloud-based administration platform; Vivi Central.     
Active Directory Integration  With Active Directory integration, teachers and students sign in to Vivi with their existing credentials and automatically inherit access rights and functionality appropriate to their roles. 
Emergency Broadcasting  In the event of an emergency, authorised teachers can instantly broadcast an evacuation or lockdown message to every Vivi-connected display in the school. 
Combined Rooms You can temporarily combine the Vivi-enabled displays in separate rooms to create one flexible learning space, with multiple displays.
Student Request Control  Students can request control of the shared display from the app, giving them the opportunity to share their work and receive real-time feedback from peers and teachers. 
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