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Collaborate with colleagues, no matter where in the world they are

Making collaboration easy

Video conferencing makes it easy to connect with people anywhere in the world so your meeting, interview or company-wide announcement feels more personal. You can put a face to a name and voice and really get your message across the way you want it to. AV Media Systems provides the most sophisticated video conferencing equipment in Australia to serve all your needs.

To make video conferencing truly simple to use, it has to be simple to deploy. AV Media Systems has years of experience bringing the benefits of video conferencing to both the private and public sectors including government, education, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, oil & gas and entertainment.

From experience, we have seen business that employ collaboration systems experience these top benefits. 

1. Reduced Travel Time and Costs                                              

2. Optimised Attendance                                                               

3. Structured Meetings with Improved Communications

4. Increased Productivity

5. Employee Retention

6. Sustained Competitive Advantage 

Video Conferencing Solutions

AV Media Systems is a reputable provider of video conferencing solutions and we are committed to offering the finest options for your workplace. With our conferencing systems, you can collaborate effortlessly and can connect from anywhere. We provide video conferencing equipment for office setups to keep your team connected regardless of the location of the employees. As specialists in the sphere of AV solutions, we understand the needs of our clients and it has always been our goal to offer solutions that enhance productivity. Based on the needs of your business, we will provide conferencing systems that enable you to connect easily and share content quickly. If you are keen to transform any area into a modern workspace that is equipped with the best in technology, connect with us.

Video conferencing in every room

The latest software-based video conferencing systems combine flawless video, integrated audio and wireless content sharing on a single appliance for the optimal experience. We supply the latest video conferencing equipment to serve high-end needs, giving you a hassle-free experience.

Choose from:

– Single Screen sharing

– Dual Screen sharing

– Triple screen sharing

– Or a completely custom design

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