MATV (Multiple Access Television)

Flexibility, with any number of connected screens

How does MATV work?

MATV (Multiple Access Television) gives you the flexibility to see free to air, Foxtel™ or closed Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) to multiple locations.

An MATV system is basically a network of cables and specially designed components that process and amplify TV and FM signals and distribute them from one central location to many. If for example, there are 50 TV screens in a building, it would be extremely expensive to Install and maintain 50 separate antennas. It would be unsightly and reception would suffer because that many antennas would interact with each other, causing a variety of interference problems.

We design the system, supply and install the infrastructure to meet your MATV requirements. We have completed many MATV projects for fitness centres and in-house entertainment for hotel rooms.

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