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Security cameras aren’t only used to catch criminals, there are many other reasons why businesses install security camera systems.

Here are is brief overview of some of the applications for CCTV surveillance systems and the types of systems.

Monitoring Gauges

If your business utilises pressure gauges you could install surveillance cameras to monitor the performance of the gauges. Why? Because they are typically located in places that are difficult to easily see and this could save your employees time from having to review and manually monitor them.

Parking Area Surveillance


Parking areas are often high crime areas for many businesses. From ensuring that damage to vehicles and signage doesn’t occur to protecting car park users to tracking criminals after a crime has occurred, surveillance cameras are highly effective as a security measure for parking areas.

Ensuring Health and Food Handling Standards Are Met


Whilst you trust your employees to do their jobs, having surveillance cameras installed will enable you to ensure that their performance is up to standard. It will also allow you to detect if certain employees need more training, are regularly maintaining cleanliness, meeting food handling standards, and staying focused and active in all areas of the business.

Types of CCTV Surveillance Systems

Now that you are aware of some of the more applications for CCTV surveillance systems, here are the most popular types to consider:

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras – These cameras deliver vision from side to side sweeps as well as up and down. They are also excellent for both indoor and outdoor areas. If you need to eliminate blind spots while monitoring an area, they are a great option.

Thermal Imaging Cameras – These cameras are designed to work in places that are not usually safe or accessible to humans. These cameras can detect temperature changes and they can immediately alert you if there is a problem at your facility or unauthorised access.

Fixed Cameras – These cameras are generally mounted to walls and ceilings and offer a large view of areas such as garages, parking areas, foyers, and hallways.

License Plate Capture Cameras – These cameras have optical character recognition which allows the camera to read and capture license plate numbers. In this way, your security team can monitor every vehicle that enters and leaves your property.

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