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We all know that print poster displays in retail are starting to become old fashioned, can become out-of-date very quickly and are costly both in terms of money but also for the environment.

Why choose Digital Signage

The largest Telecommunications provider in Australia wanted to install Digital Signage for the above reasons but also wanted the system to promote tactical offers in a timely manner. Problems that they faced before the installation included printing all the posters for over 60 stores. This printing varied from 5-7 days depending on volume, and then had to be distributed to all stores and inserted in the POS displays, again a physical and time cost.

Reducing time to audience and on-going costs

The installation of a Digital Signage Network, consisting of LCD screens being installed in more than 60 stores, was carried out by our professional installation crew in each state.

Digital Signage has allowed our customer much greater flexibility in their promotional marketing than the poster advertising previously allowed. Initially the first benefit they saw was cost saving. There is no longer the need to print more than 200 posters to highlight an offer for each store. Now, all that is needed is to get creative done and adapted for the LCD screens. Once this is approved, the promotion can go live. All of this work is done in-house meaning that offers could be changed within 24 hours reducing the time to display by up to 80%. This has provided them greater flexibility to highlight a particular offer in a specific store in a specific state of Australia, fulfilling their tactical marketing objectives. Likewise the stores look more professional and the screens in the windows have given them an opportunity to have a more dynamic display with movement thus grabbing people’s attention and bringing the offers to life.

Other benefits of the Digital Signage system installed include the ability to schedule certain ads or displays to show at specific times throughout the day and to switch the screens on in the mornings and off late in the evenings without relying on store staff to perform this function.

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