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Want to make your message unmissable with creative displays?

At AV Media Systems, we bring you a selection of digital screens to equip you with a powerful way to communicate. Digital signage is a very well-established advertising and marketing channel. We provide you with clear and bright digital display screens to take your brand to the next level by promoting your message clearly to viewers and onlookers with state-of-the art display and clear resolution that is visible from a distance.

Digital signs are everywhere: promoting new products in-store, advertising offers, marketing products, services and businesses outdoors. By making use of digital billboards, you are equipped with an attractive way to dynamically display your offerings.

Here are some of the most interesting digital signage trends to help you decide why this option is right for you.

Digital Signs Drive Impulse Shoppers

Digital signage can be used to drive impulse shoppers to purchase from your business.

In fact, 19% of consumers confirm that they have made unplanned, impulse purchases of products that they have seen digitally advertised.

In addition, they can be used to motivate your customers with a strong and compelling call to action. An example is, using a Digital Billboards to recommend that customers go to the customer service desk to receive a gift or join their loyalty program with a special incentive.

Here’s proof – In a study that asked customers to go to the help desk to claim a free tote bag, more than 600 people opted to claim the free totes when they saw the offer being advertised via digital signs!

In contrast, in-store locations where there were only static signs, only 6 people came from those areas to claim the tote bags.

Digital Signage Can Be Used to Promote Specific Products

Digital signage doesn’t only have to be used to promote your brand.

In fact, many companies are beginning to use it as a cost-effective way to promote specific products. A recent study found that when certain food items were advertised using digital signage, the items advertised with Digital Screen versus static signage experienced, on average, a 49% increase in sales versus those during the control period when no advertising had taken place.

The brands that were advertised with only static signs experienced an increase in sales of just 15%. As a result, the study showed that the items that were advertised with Digital Screen were sold at a rate that was 34% higher than traditional signs. We provide you with digital screens from the best brands around the world that work efficiently and display your content in the most innovative way possible.

Digital Signage Is Becoming More Affordable

Due to the increase in demand for digital signage, the prices of installing and operating digital signage have become more affordable. In addition, with the continued development of digital signage technology, as well as increased competition in the market, the level of investment required is expected to reduce even further, especially when compared to the returns they deliver.

The Digital Signage Industry Is Growing

The digital signage industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.94% between now and 2020. As a result, more retailers and businesses are jumping on board with digital signage.

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