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Whether you run a small office or a big business, your meeting rooms must be flexible enough to adapt to any situation especially in the aftermath of COVID-19.  

Having a successful meeting room technology setup does not depend completely on the brands you use or the technology you have. At AV Media Systems, we believe in minimum infrastructure to ensure maximum impression. That’s why we want to empower all of our clients with Audio Visual Technology info that helps them run their businesses smoothly. Today we have put together our top 5 components to consider. 


  • Meeting Room Technology


Most businesses will need to have a place to conduct meetings. Since COVID-19 the rise of meeting room and video conferencing solutions has increased significantly. Options such as ZOOM, StarLeaf, Poly, Google BlueJeans, Crestron and more may be some just some brands you may already be familiar with. 

Identifying what is right for your business will require a consultative approach. We recommend speaking with us first before you jump on an audio visual trend. Due to our 20 plus years of experience we can identify the right solution for your business that is timeless. 


  • Speakers and Microphones as Audio Aids


Microphones and speakers are incredibly important for meeting rooms. The crispness and clarity of your audio can make or break the experience of your presentation.  

Therefore, you must need the right set up which is:

  • Echo free
  • Noise-free

You can attain this by using the right audio equipment. At AV Media Systems we can help identify the right microphone and speakers for you. 


  • Camera to Aid Visual Display


A good quality video always requires a camera that suits your video call environment. There are different types of cameras for big or small meeting rooms. For instance,

  • Panacast 180-degree camera will cater to the needs of a small meeting room by displaying the members of the meeting sitting on their chairs. While a camera at a narrow angle cannot do so.
  • Pan-tilt-zoom cameras will go best for the larger space conference room by offering the best views.

To get your meeting room camera, you must share your requirements with your AV Media Consultant. From there we can review your existing setup and work on a solution that is right for you.


  • Interactive Presentation Technology


Interactive whiteboards or video walls are the future of presentation technology. The reason is, they are easy to share, and offer better presentation experience for the attending. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working individually or as part of a team—an online whiteboard can help you jot down and organize your ideas faster. With templates, freehand drawing, sticky notes, and other intuitive features, you can easily participate in a variety of creative brainstorming activities. At AV Media Systems, we are leaders in providing interactive whiteboards and interactive video walls to both education, corporate and the private sectors. To learn more about interactive whiteboards and video walls, speak to us today.


  • Connected Devices


Connected audio devices include a variety of consumer electronics connected to the Internet for the primary or secondary purpose of streaming Internet-delivered audio content such as music, Internet radio or podcasts. These devices include smartphones, tablets, PCs, digital media servers and players, audio-visual receivers (A/V), networked audio players, home theater systems, soundbars, multi-room audio systems, shelf audio systems, streaming media devices, wireless speakers, speaker docks and Internet/clock radios. When you choose AV Media Systems are your AV partner, we can work with you to identify the right kind of connectivity to ensure your meeting room runs flawlessly.


  • AV Control Systems


An AV control system is a special device that connects all the different AV equipment in a meeting space. You can then control everything in the room from one interface – typically a touch screen or a keypad – effectively removing the need for a stack of remote controls and a jungle of cables in the room. Professional AV equipment performs better than consumer equipment in a setting where AV control is required. The product quality is also higher overall. Our system designers will liaise with you about your AV requirements and program “black boxes” to make control of your audio visual system seamless. Put simply, control systems “integrate” all of your equipment onto one simple unit that will combine the operation of all aspects of your AV system and other technology in the room. If you select a basic need such as ‘computer’, ‘TV’, ‘video conference’, ‘curtains’ etc, all components of your system will work together so that you get the result that you need.

An easy to use control panel will allow all participants to present their content through screen sharing; watch the videos, and listen to the meetings. And they can do so by a single touch.

There are many different companies that design control panel hardware. We’ll make the process easy for you by identifying a product that suits you and your needs. 


  •  Room Scheduling Software


The modern workplace is fast-paced, flexible, and dispersed. You need a scheduling platform that not only keeps up with you, but makes everyone more efficient, connected, and collaborative across all spaces while meeting your booking requirements. 

There are many room scheduling tools available out there. To help you identify the one that is right for you, we recommend speaking with a consultant at AV Media Systems to first understand what requirements are needed because every business operates uniquely. A room scheduling makes it simple to locate and book the right meeting space. There are many different functionalities, such as touch screens, indicators, and occupancy sensors. Plus we will need to identify the software you prefer to run. 

At AV Media Systems, we have witnessed that businesses and individuals stress about the AV equipment in their meeting rooms. At AV Media systems, we want to empower each of clients so they have positive experiences in meeting rooms, with their remote controls, cable handling and control of sound and video in a conference call. 

This is where AV Systems comes in, talk to us today and we can empower you with the knowledge that ensures your meeting rooms run smoothly.

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