Transparent CUBE LED Video Wall

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The Transparent CUBE Video Wall

The Transparent CUBE display is designed to give you that “WOW” architectural effect. It is designed so that you can see through the screen from both sides, (high transparency) when the image is not displayed. And when your image is displayed? WOW. It becomes an architectural media showpiece.

Its slim design and high brightness can compete with direct sunlight while giving you the ability to create a dynamic experience to your customers before they enter your location.

The Transparent CUBE is ideal for any retail, hotel, shopping mall or other commercial applications.

Transparent Cube is ideally suited to

  • Showrooms where transparency is required both ways
  • Large glass walls in buildings where the structure of the building must not be changed and you are limited by space
  • Creating an architecturally high visual artistic effect
  • Creating a high impact visual wall that offers you immediacy and flexibility with content
  • Installing a cost effective high impact visual option
  • Applications where high transparency is required. It offers a 60% to 90% transparency rate
  • Applications where weight is a major consideration. About 10kg per square metre. It is a light weight structure that is easy to install
  • High brightness environments. Our Transparent CUBE has variable brightness adjustment to suit the environment it is installed into
  • Areas that require a high viewing angle. The Transparent CUBE has a 160 degree viewing angle across the entire screen (horizontal and vertical)

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