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There’s an art form to getting audio and visual correct in any space. At AV Media Systems, we have been designing boardrooms for over 21 years. As leaders in the space, we enjoy working with our clients to create bespoke solutions that get the basics right. 

Smart displays

We keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to knowing what is best in class. And we do not play favourites when it comes to brands. We emphasise quality, design and usability. Companies like Samsung, Sharp, and NEC are brands we have worked with as they provide state-of-the-art displays to fit a variety of needs. 

Many of our clients choose a dual display option. This allows meeting attendees to see both the content being presented and the other video participants, each on their own full-screen. Instead of choosing between content and people, you can see both clearly. We’ve found this helps collaboration by enabling the team to see nuances like facial expressions during the presentation.  

Depending on your needs, we can develop a smart display solution that works for your meeting room environment.

Video conferencing 

Video conferencing is now the standard feature in a meeting room. We have seen video calls become more mainstream. Brands such as Zoom, Teams,  Poly, and LifeSize all offer various conference room solutions. Depending on your needs, we can integrate platforms such as Outlook and Google to ensure easy meeting scheduling. A company working with Zoom may need to invite a partner that uses Polycom, and a customer that’s on LifeSize. Fortunately, most video conferencing technologies can handle these situations offering easy dial in instructions for those working with different systems. At AV Media Systems, we can help you identify which partner to work with.

Microphones and speakers

Microphones and speakers are an important addition to conference rooms audio visual solutions. We can design such solutions to suit your aesthetics. We can install these either in-ceiling, on-table, or a sound bar mounted below the display (sound bars can be an appropriate solution for smaller spaces).

The choice of microphones and speakers will have a significant impact on the overall conferencing experience. The right set-up can reduce echo, feedback and other noises heard by conference participants. 

We will base every solution on how you intend to use the room and the features of the space, as your audio visual integration partner, we can help you select the right mix of microphones and speakers.


Depending on your existing meeting room configuration, you might consider a camera with a 180 degree viewing angle,  we can help you identify the right product based on your needs. We have seen that the pan-tilt-zoom camera option is a popular choice in common areas such as large conference rooms, churches and assembly areas. Depending on your size, space and budget we can help you identify the right brand as the options on Google may be overwhelming or confusing. 

Control Panel

We enjoy the process of making audio visual solutions simple to use! A lot goes into thinking through how the control panel is integrated as its the control center for the whole conference room audio visual system. 

Getting the interface right on the control panel is critical. It should be easy for you and your employees to get in the conference room and connect to video calls or launch presentations. We work with you to design systems that allow you to transition from a screen sharing presentation to video conferencing, all with a single touch.

We work with companies like Crestron to develop hardware for the system control. The control system has to be programmed to work with all of your conference room equipment, so finding an audio visual integration provider with Crestron certifications can save you a big headache when it comes time to put it all together.

If you have any questions or would like to book an onsite audit, please get in touch with us today!

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