AV Systems

The brief from Wheelers Hill Secondary College was to design a giant screen with lots of WOW factor for sporting events, school events and school assembly. They had asked for a projection solution with a drop-down motorised screen. The projector would need to be at least 10,000 lumens in brightness with a powerful optical lens. The problems associated with this solution is a screen flapping in only the slightest of breeze and the image brightness would be compromised on a bright day.

After demonstrating our mobile CUBE LED Video Wall, the solution was very bright, clear, obvious and above all, much better value for money over the projection solution.

Our CUBE solution included a BOSE Audio System with Wireless Microphones, Wall Control unit, and Wireless Connectivity to the CUBE Screen.

We are very proud to design, install and service this high end solution for Wheelers Hill Secondary College.

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